About Us

Some Words about BulBul.pk

This is just a humble effort to assert a little force for the natural flow of short humorous piece of oral literature. You can describe not only verbal jokes but are encouraged to share Funny Urdu jokes, practical jokes, involuntary humor or situational humor.

BulBul? What does it mean?

Bulbul is name of bird in Urdu Language. In English it is called as “Nightingale”. This bird is small in size and really sing in very charming & relaxing voice.

Hilarious YOU?

It gets better, whether you are a student, a professional, teacher, doctor or engineer. We want to see the funny and hilarious part of yourself. Let us sketch the comedians inside us and strengthen the funny joking relationships.

Seriously! A joke is a joke and does display humor to make people laugh. We target the sadness, sorrow and grief and strive to put smile on the gloomy faces. We wish to act like a catalyst in the rejuvenation of the moods.

Why are You not Funny?

Ever noticed why you are not funny? It does not need a special quality of an extra ordinary human being to translate an oral literature into a Fun. Also no educational perquisites are necessary in vomiting out a funny part of yourself. Your willingness and eagerness to make other people light hearted and ability to absorb their sorrows and grieves are need of the hour.

Can we be totally honest with you? That is what we and the global society needs from you. You never know a simple well-described funny Joke may change the lives of many people by bringing happiness on their faces. Your voluntarily contribution is needed to minimize the darkness of sorrow.

Sail into the ocean of Fun

Imagine what it would be like Surfing into the ocean of the Fun is full of thrill and excitement. Only wonderful jokes can yield the discovery of the happiness. Purgation of every emotion in a delightful depiction of fun is the real source of relaxation.

I know the feeling that driving or snorkeling in this ocean can yet produce fun facts, happiness, joy, pleasure and contentment.

We all do it. Of course, you can share your best jokes for the audience in any form of your choice. You can write them. Your audio clip will be highly appreciated and nevertheless you can Share funny videos as well.

Be honest! what we will do is just do a little quality check and ensure that the words in use are appropriate and will not harm the feelings of any strata of life.

In addition, these Jokes, gags or funny puns are ethical enough for sharing.

So the stage is Ours!! Let’s yarn Jokes together and share the smiles in a melodious manner.